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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 24, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. it is a cool and cloudy start to the week. there is some rain, too, but the change by mid-week will be low. -- will be well worth the way. today is monday april 24, good morning, i'm rahel solomon.
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>> weather and traffic on the way, first, what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> i love the fact that it is here, i just think they could have found a better morning convenient way to do it. >> day three of the nfl draft road closures goes into effect tonight at 7:00. >> these closures are more widespread than they've ever experienced. >> it is really disrupted traffic, and everybody's lives, for three weeks. >> we know what the risks are. >> police bus pot party in frankford. >> we know that cannibis is illegal. the fact is, it helps us. >> 100 pounds of marijuana confiscated along with $50,000.04 handguns. >> the damage that you see here is extensive. >> vandals trash the upper moreland swim club, causing thousands of dollars of damage. >> i know we'll get through. >> this but i don't understand why it happened.
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>> they're not criminals, but a police sergeant, in maine, pick up two goats he found wandering near a parking lot. >> well, the police department shared those photos of the goats in the patrol car. >> and they say they were running out of veggies to feed them, desperately searching for their parent. katie, will today's weather and goat? >> i'm sorry. so corny, i know. work with me, katie. >> the word i would use? you know, it is not ideal, but it is also not a horrible, you know, one of those inbetween kind of forecasts where, yes, you know, the week is certainly starting off with dreary weather than would you hope for i would say. but at the moment i clearly a.m. not using a umbrella. and you know many locations, actually got pretty clear sky. let's take you on out there. nice and clear actually up towards the lehigh valley, as far south of bucks and montgomery counties. see the leading edge of the precipitation, all right now quite scattered, quite spotty, as well. so, i don't think the morning drive is really going to be
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terribly impacted by this. as the day goes on, talking passing showers, not real -- that will be the worse of it, but with time, we will eventually start to see a steadier rain build in. now actually off to pretty mild start all things considered. it is cool, granted, jacket weather for sure, but the fact that we're only going to top off near zero six is telling, because we won't have heck of a lot of sun to work with, that means, not going to get the opportunity for that sun to help heat things up here at the surface, again, i expect from best here many locations won't even break out of the 50's, but steadier rain comes later tonight. take you through handful of different hours throughout the day. see how we end up, at best, we hit about 59, like we mentioned, by 3:00 p.m. there will be a lot more cloud cover as the day progresses, though at least initially those northern count list probably start off with some sunshine. but with time again do expect that you'll start to see the showers overtaking region, meisha, i said p.m. drive. definitely looks worse than the a.m. drive. so we sort of drew the longer straw i guess on this one. >> sounds that way. all right, katie, thank you so
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much. and a very good morning to you. happy monday. looking at 42 freeway northbound creek road, approach 295 this is what you are working with, yes, getting busy already, and it should, even if we have the most faint hint of rain coming on the roadways, might see in some spotty areas. will slow us down, probably good a lot of you jumping on the roadway earlier, starting to heat up. boulevard heading in the southbound direction toward the schuylkill, another area this morning that is already starting to heat up, as well. then, looking at the burlington bristol bridge, looks like it is up it, went up sometime around 5:20-ish, 5:25 i shall. looks like it is up right now, hopefully coming back down soon. then of course talking about phase three, nfl draft, road restrictions and closure starting 7:00 p.m. tonight. so the entire parkway closed between 20th street and art museum, kelly drive closed at fairmount, llk and spring garden closed at 24th. some of the bus routes already detoured. so, heads up, we will be talking more in depth about this. and phase four starting tomorrow coming up in a little
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bit. rahel, jim, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. actually talking more about it right now, three days, thousands will pack the ben franklin parkway for the 2017nfl draft. >> like most events of its kinds, tight security expected. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live at the benning parkway with more on those security measures that will be in place. good morning, trang. >> reporter: well, good morning, jim, rahel. organizers are treating this just like a sporting event, so people can expect very similar security measures here. very likely to be an entrance gate right here offer the ben franklin parkway where secretly check people's bags, for pro him him it dollars items like aerosol cans, over size bags, also on the prohibited list outside food and drinks. let's look at some of the ongoing preparations here, with all of the big names expected here later this week, nfl will have its own private security for the three day event. philadelphia police also on patrol in this area, and other major tourist attractions in the city. now the draft experience area will be secured by perimeter of barricades, as well as heavy trucks.
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officers will also be directing uber, lyft, taxi and other drivers and passengers to designated area for pick up and drop off. take a listen. >> there is some coordination along the 2400 block of pennsylvania, and along spring garden street that police will direct the ride share companies to. and people should be cognizant if they are using those things, how they should contact them, and where they are. >> now, in addition to the draft experience, many of the museum and other attractions in this area will keep regular hours, some are even extending hours, and offering discount, to sport fans, so we want to take a break from all of the action on the parkway here. for now live from the ben franklin parkway, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," rahel, jim, back to you. >> trang, thank you. >> well the time now 5:36. in business news, riff between apple and ooher. >> money watch's roxanna joins us live from the new york stock exchange with those details plus a look at this morning's futures. good morning, roxanna. >> good morning, jim, are h
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right now, futures are pointing up, and on friday the dow drops 31 points, the nasdaq lost six. overseas, this morning, the euro rallied, following the results from the first round of france's presidential election, the election widely being seen as vote on the european union. finished first, says, he's committed european unity. face in a runoff, hopes to pull france out of the union, and its shared currency. >> apple ceo tim cook reportedly scolded uber ceo when apple found out uber was allegedly tracking iphones, even after the uber app had been delighted. new york times reports cook threatened to remove the uber app from the app store, uber didn't end the practice. uber has faced backlash in recent months for using secret programs to evade government regulators and tracking customers without permission. wells fargo managers sheet to meet with shareholders tomorrow to try to reassure
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them the bank has changed its ways. bank agreed add $32 million to recent class action settlement, and allow for new claims of wrong-doing. investigators say wells fargo opened accounts without their customers permission, going back 15 years. jim, rahel? >> well, the fall out for wells fargo continues, roxanna, thank you. and, tension continues to rise between north korea and the us. north korean newspaper says the country prepared to take out an american shift. >> pentagon calls for north korea to quote stop destabilizing action. jeremy rot: >> we have a potential crisis brewing with north korea. >> policy makers in the u.s. sounding the alarm following the release of an editorial in a newspaper sunday. the paper claims north korea is prepared to sinkus air crash calf carrier groups, and that it has weapons which can reach the continental us. claims that cannot be
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confirmed. >> the minute north korea gets a missile like that could reach the us and put weapon on that missile, nuclear weapon, the time that happens this country is at grave risk. >> gary ross released statement sunday calling on the isolated communist nation to quote refrain from destabilizing actions and rhetoric. >> president trump has since been in contact with chinese president, and japanese prime minister over the rising threat. >> we must do almost whatever it takes, just about anything, to prevent kim jong un from acquiring a nuclear capability against the mainland of the united states every america. >> adding is kim sung duck, american detained saturday at international airport, been teaching at local university, and it is not clear why he was detained. kim is the third american in north korean custody. jeremy ross, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> well, france's presidential election goes to runoff with
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facing marine will pen on may 7. election night protest ended with three arrests, two injuries, in paris. protesters burned cars and clashed with riot police. demonstrations, demonstrators also gathered at the bastille to show their anger at la pen far right populous. >> back here at home, philadelphia police investigating accident that killed a pedestrian on roosevelt boulevard. this happened yesterday afternoon, near smylie road, investigators say a 69 year old man was crossing the street when he was hit by a car, he was pronounced dead short time later. police believe the man was not using the crosswalk at the time of the accident. and, take a look at this, scary moment, on the vine street expressway. i would a -- "eyewitness news" viewer dave silver captured this toward center city yesterday afternoon. about 100 young people, you see here on bikes, seen on the highway, amazingly nobody was hit by a passing car. a large group of people on dirt bikes were also seen nearby, though, for now it is not clear if the two rides are connected. >> and former philadelphia police officer goes on trial today accused of leaving a dog
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to die in a local park. investigators say that in november of 2016 michael long put pitbull in a trash bag, then dumb many her in a waste bin at wissahickon valley parkment long faces several charges, including animal cruelty. he was on the police force for 11 years, cranberry the dog since recovered and has a new family. president trump will celebrate his 100 day in office saturday. by then the white house hoping to have new healthcare plan. sources tell cnn that a new healthcare deal could be in the works, some conservative leaders say there is a breakthrough in negotiations, how much, the new plan still faces some obstacles, similar to the last plan, core group of republicans won't vote for anything but full repeal of obamacare. >> president bill clinton appears to be mocking president trump's allegations of wiretapping, the 42nd president treated, breaking, we just learned the clinton center has been bugged. the tweet has a picture every clinton next to big statue after grasshopper. that statue is part of extreme bugs exhibit at the
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clinton-presidential center in little rock arkansas. >> we have a lot more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," new twist in the battle over freedom of speech. conservative pundant ann colter gets the report from an unusual soars. >> showering in the great outdoors, why more homeowners are building outdoor showers and how much they cost. that's next when "eyewitness news" tens.
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>> rim around simon hospitalized this past weekend for severe indigestion, he expressed his gratitude in a facebook quote, thanked the hospital nurses and staff for helping him get back on his feet. >> ♪ >> we will need a bigger truck. >> and there you have it. the fate of the serious, took fist players at the box office again. the eighth installment in the fast and furious franchise brought in 38.7 million this weekend. coming in at second, dream worse the boss baby earning 12.8 million. and third, disney beauty and the beast with 10 million, and rounding out the top five, disney born in china and going in style. >> there have been eight fast and furious movies? >> who knew? >> i've not seen one.
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>> neither have i. am i the only person? oh, jim and i. >> tokyo, drift, okay, like two, three -- >> i won't call myself a super fan of the move. >> i okay. >> they have a huge following, yes. >> my little brother has watched them all. he loves cars. >> there go. >> friday night would have been good day to see the movies, because friday night i went taught dinner. it was pouring. >> yes. >> just started, and wouldn't stop, all day, then saturday, either, oh, what a messy first half, right? >> at least yesterday, did manage to brighten up. i think we lends one more rain unfortunately before said and done here, but again, the flowers love it, the grass loves it look at this shot, isn't that beautiful? it is not a terrible morning, about will mark the arrival of the system, stretch of soggy hours we have to end do you remember over the course of today and tomorrow. but this is a shot actually up at jack frost big boulder overlooking lake harmon any in the distance. pretty picture w that said we
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do have northern most eyewitness weather watchers reporting into us this morning, in fact, i'll zoom it out one time, pop it on up here to bath, pa, charles 44 degrees, completely clear, not bad. 44 degrees, though, so little cooler where you have the clearing sky off to the south we go, 47, from fran, out in chester county, nottingham area. a lot of clouds building so did he report no rain, yet, indeed, with the three dot at the end, we lent have i see some of it move n1 more, 43 degrees from eileen this morning, got nothing more than few clouds in gilbertsville. she said perfect weather for visit to the cbs-3 studios. hmm, i wonder what she talking about? wing. stay tuned. in other words. >> let me take you on out. going on in storm scan at the moment, here is the storm system. notice leading edge of the rain still working its way north through the del northern peninsula, maybe finding couple of have i minor damp roadways out there. bulk of the precipitation
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clearly going into the carolinas right nowment some that far moisture will work its way up toward us, though, with time here. how much are we talking? so starting this afternoon, through tonight, through all of tomorrow. that's a long stretch of time. and the worse of what any of these models are currently picking up would be just over 2 inches. i'm thinking generally one to one and a half inches is the general amount that we will find. there are some outline ers to that, obviously, but that's over huge span every time. so the drains, the roadways, will definitely be able to handle that. i would call it pretty big nuisance, certainly, but this isn't going to be a flood christ tear ya kind of a system. more of just dreary couple of days. your health report tends to get a lot better though when we've got wet weather in the forecast, air quality still quite good. pollen levels medium high. ragweed a lot lower, tree pollen still up there. grass, pollen, still up there. uv index still with building cloud cover will be pretty low today. so maybe not as much of a concern when it comes to spf. but yes won't see heck of a lot of sun. until you hid mid to late week.
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look at this, not only brightening up, see the temperature spike four of the next seven days are in the 80s. so we can get past today and tomorrow. i would say. >> yes, who will complain about that? no reason to complain whatsoever. even if we get little rain today. thanks so much, katie. look at this beautiful sky. good morning, everyone, happy monday to you, 95 south near the betsy ross bridge, headlight moving in the southbound direction, that's stunning. that's just gorgeous. i just have to show that you. we know the roadways will not look quite like this coming up, as we push through the rest david, evening rush, affected by rain we will be getting. by the way if you have any rain or trickle down in your neighborhood you know to get out the doorway quickly, it will be very slow moving. this is a look at the blue route, headlight moving in the southbound direction at baltimore pike. see both moving in the southbound and northbound side. neighbors throughout, what are we talking about? nfl draft. road closures phase three starts tonight 7:00 p.m. parkway closed from 20th to the museum. kelly drive closed fairmount
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area, mlk, spring garden closed at 24th. thee bus routes already detoured. of course phase four, which is by the way, i know you are all taking big breath, sigh, rolling your eyes, but the final one, start tomorrow at midnight, mlk closed briar drive, open, which is good, kelly drive closed between parkway and fairmount and the vine westbound ramp to 20th closed. a lot going on. we will be covering this the rest of the morning, jim, rahel, back to you. >> loft phases, thank you, meisha. conservative, cult err support to speak at the university of california at berkley. >> coming from senator bernie sanders, he says colter has the right to give her two sent without fear of violence or intimidation. comment comma mid swift plans by group of republican student, threatening to sue the university if it doesn't let colter speak on thursday. last tuesday uc berkley canceled rider performance because every second tour at this sensor, did offer may two day, but colter reject philadelphia. >> many homeowners expanding
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their living space outside of the house by adding coaches, sing appliances, even bathroom fight yours moving outside. this week's angie list report, a look at the growing trend of outdoor showers. >> hot tubs popular place outdoors for a long time, but more and more homeowners are opt to go shower outside. >> for years, interior design verse really made an effort to bring the outside in to your home for better natural light for example. but now that the trends where we are taking the inside out. >> outdoor showers have sprung up in backyards and on rooftops across the nation, casey cohen, found inspiration for theirs while on vacation in mexico. cohen did most of the work himself, and paid just $200 for the plumbing. >> the best thing about the outdoor shower is the outdoors. you spent your whole life taking a shower and maybe six square feet. this is wide open, impossible
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to describe how great it is. coming out here in the rain is as good as it gets. >> these types of showers aren't just limited to warm weather climates, and they don't have to be expensive either. >> keith put his professional construction experience to good use, diy his rooftop shower for around a thousand bucks. he used his home's gutter system to properly drain the water. >> just have to take a shower and to understanded, you're outside, in the elements, the worlds is going by, it is best when the stars are out. it is a little cold, best in nef. >> okay. if you say so. if you don't have plumbing experience this probably isn't the best do it yourself project. you should probably consider hiring a contractor. >> jim, i was on vacation in turks and caikos, i agree. >> you know me with the drones, i'm paranoid about drones, now another reason. yep. >> stay with here on "eyewitness news," moving
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right along. >> yep. >> it is not your typical dog show, because these are not your typical dog. see the skills of man's best friends in blue, when "eyewitness news" continues.
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ostriches don't really stick their heads in the sand. a peanut is not a nut. and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. now you can own america's tractor for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer.
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>> ♪ >> annual walk for hope raises $150,000 to support patients at the children's hospital of philadelphia. the family walk at the navy yard, brought nearly 700 families and doctors together, to benefit children with pediatric inflammatory bowel disease or ibd. the center treats about 1400 children with the disease, every year. >> and 12 teams con pete dollars for the k9 competition, half forwards township. >> k9's and their handlers compete in the numerous events, testing dogs' agility, obedience, and others act. deputy -- deputy chief says great place for k -9d's to showcase their skills. >> they train with these dogs twice a month, every month, put a lot of work into their effort. this is good way to show it off. also give back to the
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community, show, you know, exactly what they are doing with the police officers. >> the teams travel from delaware, philadelphia, montgomery counties, to participate in this event. beautiful dogs. >> well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," president obama set to make his first appearance today since leaving office. we will tell you where he is set to speak. >> also, heart stopping moments, watch what happens to a little girl when the back door of that church van swings open. incredible video. we'll have it for when you we come back.
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>> live look at storm scan3, shows showers moving in. katie times it all out for us. >> can't have mine! plus concerning growing as the city gears up for the fnl draft, live, next rounds of road closures. >> time to get excited. the today is the day the mobile weather watchers comes to life. opening the doors to our rolling reporter, to give you first look at what it can do. >> jim, are we going to have to scrap for this umbrella. >> we may. >> meisha to the rescue. >> today is monday april 24, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning, so i guess we'll need the umbrella there is? >> yes, avenue elephant one so


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